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Italian Renaissance
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Fine Art Touch explores the phenomenon that was Italian Renaissance Art through the lives and works of important individual Italian artists and the society, culture, and significant historical events of the time.Italian Renaissance art was an evolution fueled by extraordinary achievements by Italian Renaissance artists and architects, evolving from a rich  Italian artistic tradition.
Renaissance artists in Italy lived within the shadow of ancient Rome.

The Roman Empire was dead, and Rome was in ruins, but significant art and architecture remained, still visible to everyday Italian passers-by. The Italian city-states were at war, but Italian people as a whole had their own heritage of art dating all the way back to the time of the Caesars.

Coffers overflowed feeding Italian Renaissance art and artists.

The coffers of Florence, Rome, and Venice overflowed with wealth. Some of that wealth lavishly patronized Italian Renaissance artists. A new way of thinking called "humanism" was born during the Italian Renaissance, spurred by an influx of classical knowledge.

Within this brew, this cultural maelstrom, arose artistic giants like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian during the Renaissance. The Renaissance period and the works of these Italian Renaissance artists and architects influence our culture and our aesthetic sensibilities even today. It is this mix of diverse elements that Fine Art Touch examines.

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